Maite AV Photography

Photographer Linda McCartney once said: “If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.”

When I go through my old family photo albums, my eyes immediately look for colours, patterns, the t-shirt I’m wearing, the way my hair looks, they way my MOM’s hair looks, the fact that my dad used to voluntarily smile (a lot!), my toys and how I felt playing with them… so many simple moments that once moved me and that I now only remember thank to these old photos.

I LOVE “snapping” moments. Nothing gives me a bigger shot of adrenaline than realising I got IT! I captured that fleeting movement, that elusive smile, the cheeky face little ones make right after a fart… IT! Being a documentary family photographer brings me such joy, it is almost hard to put into words. I am trying!

Here you’ll be able to navigate through some of the images I’ve taken over the last couple of years. Families that have put their trust (literally) on my hands and eyes, and that have allowed me to share them here, with you. Hope you feel like trusting me with your moments in the future.

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” Annie Leibovitz.

NEWBORN / LJ and her gang

FAMILY / Raffa and his gang!

WEDDING / Domi and Rai

MATERNITY / Nacha, Jimmy and Nicky

MATERNITY / Catalina and Samuel

FAMILY / Georgia and Leo

FAMILY / The Santos family

FAMILY / The Bonaso family

FAMILY / The O'keefe family

FAMILY / The Rengifo family

FAMILY / The Royal family

NEWBORN / Carissa and her little gang

ENGAGEMENT / Luka and Kimmy

WEDDING / Jess and Michele

MATERNITY / Maida, Javier and Emiliano

FAMILY / Amanda, Frankie, George and Boo

FAMILY / The Nguyen family

FAMILY The Pozo family

FAMILY / The Elkhattabi family

FAMILY / The Medina - Alliende family

FAMILY / The Hanania - Dattwyl familyy

FAMILY / The Dawson family

FAMILY / Adele, Joel and Hannah

FAMILY / Nicole, Karim and cris

WEDDING / Piera and Miguel

MATERNITY / The Parraguez family

FAMILY / The Pfitzner family 2

FAMILY / The Mcculloch family

FAMILY / The Bonaso family part II

FAMILY / The Flatley family

FAMILY / The Rodriguez - Madkur family

FAMILY / The Battle family

FAMILY / The Pfitzner family